Having properties such as low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal stability, low heat storage, resistance to thermal shock, light weight & ease of fabrication & installation make FIBERFRAX Ceramic Fiber an ideal choice for many applications in the steel industry.

Application Recommended Products
Annealing furnace linings S Durablanket, Modules
Backup insulation to refractory Duraboard LD
Baffle & muffle insulation Duraboard LD, Duraboard HD
Billet & slab reheat furnace linings S Durablanket, Modules
BOF door linings S Durablanket, Modules
Burner tile packing Bulk Fiber, LDS Moldable
Coke oven door seal Rope, Round Braid
Coke oven standpipe seal Rope, Round Braid
Door seals Rope, Round Braid
Dummy block plug Rope, Round Braid
Exhaust hood curtains Ceramic Cloth
Expansion joints between refractory 550 Paper, S Durablanket
Fume emission control curtain Ceramic Cloth
Furnace heat zone separators Ceramic Cloth, Ceramic Tape
Furnace lining insulation S Durablanket, Modules
Heat shield curtains Ceramic Cloth
Hot gas erosion lining resistance Top Coat 2600
Ingot mold seal Rope, Round Braid
Ladle preheat stands Modules
Packing refractory joints & cracks LDS Moldable
Reheat furnace linings S Durablanket, Modules
Seal in vacuum steam degassing Rope, Round Braid
Skid pipe insulation S Durablanket
Skid rail insulation Rope, Round Braid
Soaking pit seals Bonded Modules
Stack seals Bonded Modules
Surface hardening of ceramic insulation Rigidizer W
Thermal wrap for hot air piping Fiberglass Tape
Trough cover insulation S Durablanket, Duraboard LD, Duraboard HD
Tundish, ladle & hot metal car backup insulation 970 Paper
Vessel covers & lids S Durablanket
Welding or personnel protection curtains Fiberglass & Silica Cloth