FIBERFRAX products allow precise control over the firing curve, which is critical in the production of glass. Notice the variety of forms that are used in many applications.

Application Recommended Products
Adhesive for gaskets QF180 Coating Cement
Bottle removal tine covers Ceramic Tape
Burner block gaskets Rope, Duraboard LD
Curtains for slow cooling of glass Ceramic Cloth
Exhaust hood curtains Ceramic Cloth
Expansion joint packing Rope
Feeder channel backup insulation 970 Paper, Duraboard LD
Flange gasket Ceramic Tape
Furnace heat zone separators Ceramic Cloth & Tape
Glass blowing mandrel wrap 972H Paper
Glass tank crown insulation S Durablanket Foil Backed
High temperature pressure pad 970 Paper
Hot gas erosion lining resistance Top Coat M, Moist Pak D
Lehr lining insulation S Durablanket, Modules
Feeder bowl orifice ring Rope
Packing refractory joints & cracks LDS Moldable
Port neck expansion joint packing Bulk Fiber
Protective cover on runners in lehr for flourescent lights Ceramic Tape
Refiner sidewall insulation Duraboard LD
Regenerator crown insulation S Durablanket
Strips at lehr end for heat savings Ceramic Tape
Surface hardening of ceramic insulation Rigidizer W
Tuckstone seal Rope
Tuckstone thermal shock protection 970 Paper, Duraboard LD
Welding or personnel protection curtains Fiberglass Cloth