FIBERFRAX Ceramic Fiber insulation provides faster furnace cycling, longer service life & increased energy savings. Many FIBERFRAX products are used in the non-ferrous processes due to its excellent resistance to molten metal contact.

Application Recommended Products
Adhesive for gaskets QF150 Coating Cement
Baffle & muffle insulation Duraboard LD, Duraboard HD
Burner tile packing Bulk Fiber, LDS Moldable
Curtain doors in reheat furnaces Ceramic Tape
Exhaust hood curtains Ceramic Cloth
Furnace heat zone separators Ceramic Cloth & Tape
Homogenizing furnace lining Insulfrax Blanket
Hot gas erosion lining resistance Top Coat M, Moist Pak D
Ingot mold liners 970 Paper
Packing refractory joints & cracks LDS Moldable
Refractory backup insulation 970 Paper
Surface hardening of ceramic insulation Rigidizer W
Transfer ladle covers Insulfrax Blanket
Trough cover insulation S Durablanket, Duraboard LD, Duraboard HD
Trough liner for molten aluminum LDS-AL Moldable
Trough liner backup insulation 970 Paper
Welding or personnel protection curtains Fiberglass Cloth