Heat Treating
FIBERFRAX Ceramic Fiber insulation provides faster furnace cycling, longer service life & increased energy savings as a furnace lining.

Application Recommended Products
Annealing furnace linings S Durablanket, Modules
Atmosphere furnace linings S Durablanket, Modules
Backup insulation in coreless induction furnace 970 Paper, ZTX Cloth
Backup insulation to refractory 970 Paper, S Durablanket
Baffle & muffle insulation Duraboard LD, Duraboard HD
Brazing 972H Paper
Burner tile packing Bulk Fiber, LDS Moldable
Car bottom furnace lining S Durablanket, Modules
Exhaust hood curtains Ceramic Cloth
Forge furnace lining insulation S Durablanket, Modules
Furnace heat zone separators Ceramic Cloth & Tape
Furnace lining insulation S Durablanket, Modules
Heat treating furnace linings S Durablanket, Modules
High temperature seals Round & Square Braid
Hot gas erosion lining resistance Top Coat M, Moist Pak D
Induction furnace coil insulation Ceramic Cloth
Investment casting mold wrap S Durablanket
Packing refractory joints & cracks LDS Moldable
Radiant tube gasket Rope
Stress relieving insulation for weldments S Durablanket
Strips at furnace end for heat savings Ceramic Tape
Surface hardening of ceramic insulation Rigidizer W
Trough cover insulation S Durablanket, Duraboard LD, Duraboard HD
Welding or personnel protection curtains Fiberglass Cloth