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High Temperature Solutions for the Fire Protection Industry

Fire ProtectionIf high heat or a potential fire is a problem, FIBERFRAX product forms can be used as passive fire protection in commercial & industrial applications. FyreWrap Elite is approved for use in commercial restaurant exhaust hood & kitchen grease ducts.

Application Recommended Products
Cable tray insulation FyreWrap Elite
Chemical fume duct insulation FyreWrap Elite
Chimney flue insulation S Durablanket
Commercial dryer exhaust duct insulation FyreWrap Elite
Commercial kitchen grease duct insulation FyreWrap Elite
Expansion joint fire barriers XFP Expandable Paper
Fire dampers & ceiling diffusers XFP Expandable Paper
Fire rated doors & window seals XFP Expandable Paper
Grease duct insulation FyreWrap Elite, FyreWrap Max
HVAC duct insulation FyreWrap Elite
Marine aluminum bulkheads & decks FyreWrap Marine Blanket
Marine engine room insulation FyreWrap Marine Blanket
Marine steel bulkheads & decks FyreWrap Marine Blanket
Plenum insulation FyreWrap Plenum
Refuse & linen chutes insulation FyreWrap Elite
Restaurant exhaust hood insulation FyreWrap Elite
Tank car insulation Tank car blanket
Ventilation air duct insulation FyreWrap Elite
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