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High Temperature Solutions for the Ceramics Industry

CeramicsDue to its excellent thermal properties & resistance to thermal shock, FIBERFRAX Ceramic Fiber products provide greater temperature uniformity resulting in better product quality when used as a kiln lining. The low heat storage capacity of a FIBERFRAX lining makes kilns more responsive to load changes, while saving energy.

Application Recommended Products
Abrasive kiln lining insulation S Durablanket, Modules
Adhesive of ceramic insulation Fiberstick Mortar
Baffle & muffle insulation Duraboard LD, Duraboard HD
Burner tile packing Bulk Fiber, LDS Moldable
Carbon baking furnace lining S Durablanket, Modules
Dielectric protection 440 Paper
Electrical insulator kiln lining insulation S Durablanket, Modules
Exhaust hood curtains Ceramic Cloth
Expansion joint seals Rope, Round Braid
High temperature pressure pad 970 Paper
Hot gas erosion lining resistance Top Coat 2600, Top Coat 3000, Moist Pak D
Insulation between hard refractory & steel shell 970 Paper
Kiln car deck insulation Bulk Fiber, Bonded, Modules, S Durablanket
Kiln car seal S Durablanket
Kiln heat zone separators Ceramic Cloth & Tape
Kiln lining insulation S Durablanket, Modules
Kiln shelf spacers Rope
Packing refractory joints & cracks LDS Moldable
Pottery & Raku kiln insulation S Durablanket
Refractory kiln lining insulation S Durablanket, Modules
Rotary kiln backup insulation 970 Paper
Sanitary ware kiln lining insulation S Durablanket, Modules
Surface hardening of ceramic insulation Rigidizer W
Tunnel kiln car seals S Durablanket, & Insulfrax S Blanket
Welding or personnel protection curtains!! ! ! ZTX Cloth ZTX Cloth
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