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High Temperature Solutions for the Appliance, Automotive & Aerospace Industries

ApplianceBeing lightweight & having excellent thermal insulating properties, FIBERFRAX materials are used as thermal insulators & gaskets in commercial & domestic appliances and as heat shields in the aerospace industry. Typical applications in the automotive industry include catalytic converter support mats, heat shield insulation & even brake pad reinforcement.

Application Recommended Products
Adhesive for gaskets QF180 Coating Cement, Fiberstick Mortar
Circuit breaker insulation Duraboard LD
Cooking range gaskets 970 Paper
Dental autoclaves 880 Paper
Electrical insulation coatings & potting QF180 Coating Cement
Exhaust heat shields XFP Expandable Paper
Fireplace backup insulation Duraboard LD, 970 Paper
Fireproof safes S Durablanket
Fuse box insulation 550 Paper
Gaskets 970 Paper
Heat shields Isofrax Paper, 970 Paper
Industrial light fixture insulation 970 Paper
Infrared heater ceramic plate gaskets 970 Paper Strips
Light weight, thin aerospace insulation HSA Paper
Mobile home & RV heater gaskets 550 Paper
Muffler insulation XPE Expandable Paper
Nose cone ablative shields 970 Paper
Oxygen canisters 972 Paper
Propane infrared heater insulation 970 Paper Strips
Surface hardening of ceramic insulation Rigidizer W
Thermocouple tube protection 970 Paper
Water heater combustion chambers S Durablanket
Wood burning stove backup insulation Duraboard LD
Wood burning stove door seals Rope, Round Braid
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